SG Associates offers many services to fit all of your needs:

Credit card processing – enables you to take Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX

Debit card processing – PIN debit access for additional security and convenience

Gift cards – electronic check conversation, secure-check services

Online reporting – robust reporting features, combined with easy navigation, offer detailed accounting

Merchant cash advance – help businesses turn their credit cards sales into working capital

Online virtual terminal – enables merchants to process credit cards, checks & gift card/loyalty transactions automatically & in real time using a secure web page as well as wireless POS

ATM’s – ATM’s increase profits, traffic and sales

Retail payment gateway – offers merchants the ability to process swiped credit card, check and gift card/loyalty transactions through their POS and Internet connected computers MORE INFORMATION

Online shopping cart – customizable shopping cart for internet storefronts

Online merchant inventory – maintains merchants inventory information and adjusts product quantity at time of purchase MORE INFORMATION

Online bill pay – allows merchants to manage their accounts receivables, email invoices to customers and receive electronic payments – all without a website or expensive software MORE INFORMATION

Recurring transactions – allows merchants to offer memberships, service contracts, financing and more MORE INFORMATION

Quickbooks applications MORE INFORMATION

Smart phone applications – wireless transaction processing available at swiped rates through cell phones, PDA’s and iPad’s using swipe readers MORE INFORMATION


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