CBD Payment Processing

With SG-Associates LLC, you know where your money is. Domestic Processing with a US-Based Bank.

SG-Associates LLC understands the particular issues associated with many high-risk verticals. Your business may carry a reputational risk and we’re ok with that. We help CBD and Hemp retailers and eCommerce shops find the credit card processing solution that best meets their business needs.

SG-Associates LLC offers competitive credit card processing rates for CBD & Hemp vendors, along with the latest technology solutions in card processing devices. We deliver solutions for processing transactions in a secure infrastructure and provide insight for our merchants with our smart technology.

With SG-Associates LLC, businesses who sell CBD and hemp products are able to take payments safely, securely and with true confidence in their processor.


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Increase Your Processing Limits

The processing information below came from one of your competitors. Adding SG-Associates LLC is a fast and easy process. 


Processing Limits Before SG-Associates LLC


Processing Limits with SG-Associates LLC





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Grow Your Business

A common complaint among CBD and hemp product vendors is that the acquiring bank has imposed a monthly volume cap on their processing. If you go over your monthly limit you may be at risk of having a hold placed on your account or termination.

Opening a merchant account with SG-Associates LLC helps you avoid reaching your volume limits. With an NEW merchant account, you can lower your chargeback ratio and increase your revenue. Additionally, our high-risk division is U.S based and provides reporting tools and resources that help you mitigate chargeback and dispute risk.

Our specialists help you accept payments in a manner that optimizes the cost of accepting credit cards. We focus on you, so you can focus on running your business.


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